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So, would YOU Buy "Long John Index" Long Johns?


Well something must have snapped in their brains, OR they got locked out of the executive washrooms, because, and this is confirmed, WE ARE INVESTIGATING THE POSSIBILITY OF MAYBE SORT OF IT COULD HAPPEN SELL LONG JOHN INDEX LONG JOHNS! Guaranteed to keep you warm and toasty to Long John Index of 5 and beyond!

As part of this investigating, We're conducting a bit of market research, to see if this idea would even fly. There are no guarantees here, but if you are interested, by all means, feel free to share your thoughts! They are greatly appreciated 


The Coldest Day of the Year & Thank you and Merci from the Long John Index!




WELL CANADA, it's a been a long long long long loooooonnnnng winter, but The Sun is longer than 30 minutes, the snow is kinda sorta melting, and we have to make way for the UV Index Jerks, so we are shutting down for the summer! DON'T WORRY we're still around, but many of the interns are going on break, and then after that we will not only be doing reviews and analysis, but working on the 2014 Winter Season! We dont' want to give anything away, but some of our plans rhyme with 'Mew Tebsite'.

Big thanks to to everyone for their Tweets, Emails and Facebook Messages! This year was a lot of fun, and we got to connect with people all across Canada, and even from some around the world! 

BTW, our buddy @labandfield did some Long John Index Crunching and found the two Coldest Days ( at least that we're tracked on the Long John Index)

COLDEST DAY  - 11 Feb 2014. Total LJI: 87 Average: 3 (Only Vancouver & Kamloops had LJI < 3)

RUNNER UP - 31 December 2013 Total LJI: 83 Average: 3 A few more 1s, but also more 5s 


Happy Summering Everybody! 


Rogers Acquires Long John Index for $294; Carrie Doll new Chief Intern


Rogers Communications has acquired the 'Long John Index Service of Canada' from the Canadian Government for $294. The deal completed yesterday, is another step in Rogerses expanded push into the Albert Market.

"We're obviouisly very excited, we love to buy things" said Rogers CEO, Rod Rogers. " We feel that the Long John Index goes well with our media strategy, including TV, Web, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, and Church Newsletters."

"This is a big day for everyone at the Rogers Family" added Rogers CFO, Rob Rogers. "I've been a fan of Rod's for a while, and I am very excited by the moves he is making.

There will be some personnel and restructing at the Long John Index. Carrie Doll, formerly of CTV Edmonton News, will replace Colin MacIntyre as the 'Chief Intern'.  Doll will be the face behind the newly restructured ' Rogers Presents 'the Long John Index' by Rogers', when it re-launches November 1st. MacIntyre was terminated.

Bob Rogers, head of "Rogerses Miscellaneous Purchases Division" says Rogers has big plans for the Long John Index.

"Certainly once we figure out what it is they actually do here, what the Chief Intern's role is, and why they have all these interns and wildlife running around, we'll be able to turn this into a viable web property. Oh and we'll be putting up a paywall." he added.





Canada Wide Forecast - March 26 2014

Long John Index Forecast for Canada's Majorish Cities
  Morning Afternoon
Vancouver NA NA
Kamloops NA NA
Prince George 1 1
Edmonton 1 1
Calgary 1 1
Red Deer 1 1
Fort McMurray 3 2
Grande Prairie 3 1
Lethbridge 1 1
Saskatoon 1 1
Regina 1 1
Winnipeg 3 1
Thunder Bay 4 1
Sudbury 4 1
Timmins 4 1
Toronto 3 1
Kingston 3 1
Ottawa 3 1
Montreal 1 1
Quebec City 3 1
Halifax 1 1
Fredericton 1 1
Charlottetown 1 1
St. John's 1 1
Yellowknife 4 3
Whitehorse 3 1
Iqaluit 4 3
Inuvik 3 3
Alert, Top of Canada 4 4

Canada Wide Forecast and All Request Index - March 21, 2014

Good news Canada! The Weather has flip flopped! Now its the EAST's turn to enjoy some slighly warmer temperatures ( finally its Melty in Fredericton) and The West is now a cold and snowy wasteland! Pretty much a Long John Index of 3 from the Mountains to the end of Manitoba, and then 1's from Ontario to the Atlantic. NOT too bad up North either...well it's actually lousy spring weather, but it could be colder!


Long John Index Forecast for Canada's Majorish Cities
  Morning Afternoon
Vancouver NA NA
Kamloops NA NA
Prince George 3 1
Edmonton 3 2
Calgary 3 3
Red Deer 3 3
Fort McMurray 4 3
Grande Prairie 3 3
Lethbridge 3 3
Saskatoon 3 3
Regina 3 3
Winnipeg 3 3
Thunder Bay 3 NA
Sudbury 3 NA
Timmins 4 NA
Toronto 1 NA
Kingston 1 NA
Ottawa 1 NA
Montreal 1 NA
Quebec City 1 NA
Halifax NA NA
Fredericton 1 NA
Charlottetown NA NA
St. John's 1 NA
Yellowknife 4 3
Whitehorse 1 1
Iqaluit 4 3
Inuvik 3 3
Alert, Top of Canada 4 4
All Request Index    
Cypress Hills, SK   2